I've had my fair share of holiday romances over the years. In fact, I don't think I've ever been on holiday and NOT had a holiday romance. It's bizarre that I find it impossible to find anyone I like in my own country, but I always find a ton of guys I like when I'm abroad. Seriously, even when I was on a cruise with my parents at the ripe age of 16 I had a romance with a guy from Montreal, Canada. When I was in Magaluf at 18 I had a romance with a guy from London who I went to stay with when we got home. Since then, I've had "things" with all types of guys... a 20 year old from Winchester, a 30 year old from The Netherlands and a 32 year old American coach driver from Philadelphia. Talk about a mixed bunch...

They've all been so different (complete opposites in fact) but I've found myself drawn to each and every one of them for different reasons. I guess that's the thing about travelling... what's considered 'the norm' goes out of the window and age/nationality/job prospects don't seem to matter. You take the person at face value regardless of whether they'd be right for you in the 'real world'. It's not just me though... I've had a ton of friends who have met people on their travels. It's kind of the done thing. Maybe it's the #yolo attitude of backpackers or the sun or the alcohol, but everyone seems way more open to meeting people. Relationships are pretty much guaranteed.

But what happens when you have to part ways? Yeah, that's the bit that sucks. All of these amazing memories you've shared together and just like that you never speak again. It hurts... anyone who's been there will tell you that. It's one of the major downfalls of travelling. You can't help but look back on a trip and associate it with a guy you no longer speak to. But if it's happened a fair few times like it has done to me, you kinda get used to it. You learn not to dwell on things, moving on a little bit sooner each time. I personally see it as one of those "It's better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all" situations - although granted "love" is definitely way too strong of a word.

So yeah... I think holiday romances are worth it, if you know what you're getting yourself in to. Travelling is an amazing opportunity to meet guys you would NEVER, EVER meet otherwise. That in itself is pretty cool. There are so many incredible people in the world, but you have to be willing to broaden your horizons further than your area code to meet them. And you never know... maybe one day you'll meet someone and it will all work out exactly how it's supposed to!

Let me know what your thoughts are!




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Like a shopaholic who spends every waking minute shopping, I’m probably what you’d call a travelholic (or a holidayholic, neither of which have a particularly nice ring to them). If I’m not glued to my laptop screen watching travel videos, I’m googling travel guides or searching for flights and hostels. I guess you could say it’s more than a hobby – travel is a huge, huge passion of mine.

The downside of this is that I’m constantly excited about new countries that my ‘travel bucket list’, so to speak, changes almost weekly. What was at the top of my list will be replaced almost instantly after a few hours of research into a new destination. I thought it was about time I jotted down a few places that seem to continuously float in and out of the top spot as these are the trips I’d like to take sooner rather than later!

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Japan has always been on my list – purely because it’s such a fascinating country and I love going to places that are polar opposite to what I’m used to – but it’s only been the past 6 months or so that I’ve been really desperate to visit. I know I would absolutely love it and every time I think about the culture and the amazing experiences it has to offer, I get so so excited.

India hasn’t always been on my bucket list. In fact, I only really started looking into it a couple of months ago but ever since I’ve had this urge to go. I know India isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it definitely isn’t for the faint hearted, but as I mentioned above – I love a good culture shock! I love being completely blown away and thrown out of my comfort zone – personally I think those are the experiences and countries you remember the most. I would never be brave enough to go on my own (and even if I was it obviously isn’t recommended) but I would love to go on a budget tour so I can experience REAL India but with the added benefit of safety. Again, I feel like I would really love it (even though I’m aware that most people hate India to begin with, but always end up loving it when they get used to it)!

The sole reason I want to go to Austria, if I’m honest, is because I really want to go on Contiki’s skiing trip based in Hopfgarten. Part of me is a little bit scared because skiing is so not fun when you don’t know what you’re doing (especially for someone like me who struggles with carrying heavy boots and skis because I’m legit the weakest person ever). It’s never fun being out of your comfort zone and struggling with something that everyone else around you is good at, but with that also comes the sense of achievement when you see yourself improving. I learnt how to Ski in just one day in New Zealand (granted I wasn’t very confident or fast), but it’s made me want to continue learning so I can acquire a new skill and be proud of myself. Oh and I also really want to experience Apr├Ęs Ski and cosy chalets and hot choc in front of the fire and roast dinners and paragliding over the slopes and Bobbahn and a day trip to Salzburg (because who doesn’t love The Sound of Music?)

As much as I love experiencing everything when I go away and making the most of my trip, I have the tendency to overexert myself to the point where I don’t feel like I’m on ‘holiday’. When this happens, you end up going back to work even more exhausted than you were before you left because you haven’t had the chance to relax and recuperate. Although I’ve always been against resort holidays, part of me thinks it would be a nice novelty to just sit and sunbathe in luxury all day whilst sipping all inclusive cocktails and eating my own body weight at all-you-can-eat restaurants. I love Mexican food and Latin culture, so have always liked the idea of going to Mexico. But seeing how popular Mexico is as a luxury resort destination has given me the idea to kill two birds with one stone and possibly spend a week at a resort followed by a week backpacking and experiencing the culture. Best of both worlds ay! After all, as much as I like the thought of relaxing and sunbathing, I know I’d be bored to death if I did it for 2 weeks!

I’ve seen a lot of marketing on Facebook and Twitter recently for ‘The Yacht Week’, which if you don’t know is basically a week long sailing party holiday around various exotic coastlines. Now I’m a bit of a sucker for a party holiday, which is probably why I love Thailand so much, so the promo video definitely does a good job of making someone like me want to book! There are tons of destinations to choose from but Croatia is the original and most famous coastline to sail around, so personally it’s the one I’m most interested in! Plus I’ve heard Croatia is meant to be beautiful and I’m really keen to explore more of Central and Eastern Europe. The Yacht Week is slightly more expensive because of its reputation, but the rise in popularity of sailing holidays has encouraged other companies to offer pretty much identical trips for cheaper. As long as the reviews are good, I’d happily go with one of the smaller companies to make it slightly cheaper. It’s all about doing research really and seeing how each company differs and what will suit you the most. But definitely check out The Yacht Week – it looks SO fun!

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It's no secret that Budapest is famous for its stag dos and is ridiculously popular with groups of lads wanting a cheap weekend away drinking and partying. I'm definitely a fan of drinking and partying, so it sounds like somewhere I'd like to go right? But who knew it was equally as famous for its thermal baths? Shamefully, not me! I'm a sucker for beautiful architecture and natural hot springs so BUDA - YOU CAN COUNT ME IN.

So that’s my travel bucket list for 2017/18! No doubt I’ll visit some other places instead of the ones on this list as a lot of holidays depend on where my friends want to go, especially mini getaways to Europe, so I’m more than happy to compromise!

What’s on your travel bucket list?