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Hi everyone!

Happy Easter! It was my dad's birthday yesterday and seeing as he loves going to the races, my mum decided to book tickets for the 3 of us! I used to go to Southwell and Nottingham races a lot when I was younger but I was always too young to enjoy the gambling side of it. We knew it was going to rain and although at first I couldn't be bothered cause I HATE being wet and cold, it actually ended up being a really fun day! We had premiere tickets which meant we could sit upstairs in the enclosure away from the cold and pop out to the balcony just as the race was about to begin. As always, I was the designated driver but I was still able to enjoy a half pint of cider and a coffee whilst betting a few quid here and there on the different races. Although I was only betting around £4 per race, you still get the exact same buzz hoping that you'll win and that's what makes it so enjoyable! I only won £8 in the end but that was good enough for me - my dad won twice but my mum didn't win at all!

Now I'm older, I definitely appreciate the races a lot more and can see why it's such a popular choice for a day out. When the weather warms up a bit, I'd love to get a group of friend together for Ladies Day at Royal Ascot just to experience racing properly when the sun's out and the prosecco's flowing. After all, who doesn't want to wear a fascinator and a fancy dress?


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